Thursday, May 12, 2011

Interviews with People we Love: Rebekah Ginda

You may recognize Rebekah Ginda's work, maybe because she was our featured artist a few weeks ago, or maybe just because it's just plain awesome and so are you. We were fortunate enough to find out more about this talented artist, and the interview just made us love her more! Check out her sites listed below to see more of her designs and look forward to seeing her prints in Pattern People's upcoming book!

Do you have a favorite artist/designer/photographer?

My favorite textile designer would have to be Heather Ross as she does an amazing job of capuring a magical spirit in her work. A favorite painter of mine is Mark Ryden.  His paintings are such a treat for the eyes and have so many surprising elements to discover the more you look at his works.  
Artists who portray a carefree spirit and remember that art doesn't have to make sense are the most inspiring to me.

Has there been a certain accomplishment/success that you are most proud of?

Quitting my reliable job, jumping into the world of freelancing and landing on my feet!  I am also really excited about my first fabric collection, Kitzb├╝hel which will be coming out this August with Westfalenstoffe :)

What's your favorite place to go to get inspired?

I love finding inspiration in old children's books.  They remind me that a unique drawing style is important to creating your own voice.  Surprisingly, I often find myself very inspired after a day of swimming.  I'm not sure if its the refreshingness of the water or all the cute prints on kid's bathing suits but whatever it is I tend to come home from the pool ready to draw!

What would you be doing if it wasn't for your design studio?

My original plan after college was to go into costume design.  I just love creating stuff!  But then I stumbled into the world of Textile and Surface Design and have never looked back.

Where can people learn more about Rebekah Ginda?

On my website:
Or follow me on Facebook - - and be sure to say Hi!

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