Thursday, March 31, 2011

Style Icon: Erin Fetherston

Most people know Erin Fetherston for her uber-recognizable platinum hair and blunt bangs. We thought we would look a little her clothes, of course! Ms Fetherston's iconic style can be described as flirty, girly, and a little bit dark. By being a designer and creative consultant for Juicy Couture, Fetherston has brought her dreamy aesthetic to the house of velour, then going on to design her own line, and may we say, she has done a "bang" up job of it.

Looks from Erin Fetherston Spring 2011 collection

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cheers to Opening Ceremony

I have been following this store for quite some time, and it has always impressed me, but when I found out that they sell the amazing printed frocks of Calla Haynes, it's appeal jumped 10-fold. What makes this store so unique is how they choose the items that are showcased within their walls. If the designer becomes too well known, or mass market, Opening Ceremony won't carry them. They are looking for the up-and-coming, "think outside the box", kind of designer. In doing this, they carry brands from all over the world, holding "Opening Ceremony's" introducing new countries to their "home team[s]" in the world of fashion.

Rodarte for Opening Ceremony

Risto Bimbiloski

Rachel Comey


Calla Haynes

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Love Calla Haynes

I should have named this post "We love, are inspired by, and can't get enough of Calla Haynes", because that's how we truly feel about this innovative designer. With her chic, simple, silhouettes, her amazing prints can shine, and do they ever. Here artful mix of geometric and organic prints in soothing color palettes have got us awe-struck. Haynes doesn't stop there, however. To create her collection, she used Icelandic fish leathers, handwoven Uzbek ikats, as well as her printed silks seen above, rounding out her line with the perfect trifecta of print design: color, print, and texture. When interviewed in Elle, Hayne's refers to her design philosophy as "relaxed luxury." We would have to say she has succeeded in that, and much more.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Inspired by bicycles, car horns and gearwheel patterns with a european touch was M+FG's Spring Summer 2011 collection! Using simple cuts with amazing trim detailing and neutral colors like gray,khaki and white with a splash of red, blue and yellow gave it a unique look! The use of soft quality fabrics like cotton, silk and voile can make a line like this one look crisp and luxurious. The best part of this line? How this innovative concept evolved into an awesome collection with the perfect amount of character!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fantastic Prints Also Come in Paper

Everyone knows eieio Studios wrapping design paper Ogo (first image in the series). Its been blogged about all over the web, though few scratch beneath the surface to unearth this studios hidden gems. A great color balance and understanding of shapes and forms makes this studio transcend the usual paper design look to create patterns we'd really love to see on fabric as well! I dug into some of their new pieces and some classic which seem to have been over looked in the blogsphere. I specially love their versatility, never compromising design to create a look. They use textures, shapes and vary their lay-outs beautifully to create inspiring pieces every time. Check out more of their work here!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Spaces: Bohemian for the Home

We don't just love prints on our clothes, we also love them in our homes! No, this is not in Doctor Seuss rhyme, it's an Okyo Love home trend post! We have been seeing a lot of Bohemian coming back for this Spring in the fashion reports, and what is worn is mirrored in home decor. Here are some bohemian chic interiors that are perfectly filled with mixed yummy textures, shapes, and beautiful PRINTS! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Okyolove How To: Mix and Match Prints

Based on all the amazing prints we posted yesterday, we thought it would be great to do an Okyolove original "How To" segment on how to mix and match bold prints. Here are some quick and easy lessons to go by when putting together your printed ensemble:

Color Palette -
Choose prints that have color palettes that compliment each other. Make sure the colors aren't too similar, as this will blend your items together. The key word here is "compliment."

found on Daily Love Dose

Another way to work two prints together is choose one with a neutral color palette. 

found on The Glitter Guide

Size -
When pairing prints, choose ones that are different scales. This way, your outfit will be broken up and not look so busy.

Beth Jones from B. Jones Style

Pulling it all Together -
When finishing off the look, layering is a great tool to bring everything together. Adding a solid jacket, hat, or bracelets will polish off your outfit.

found on Lawn Party

Have Fun with It -
This is the most important rule to go by. The best part of wearing multiple prints together is the ability to show off your unique style, so might as well experiment and have fun with it!!

found on Pinterest

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Found on B. Jones Style

Found on B. Jones Style

Found on B. Jones Style

Found on

Found on

Found on

Found on

Found on

March issue of Elle Magazine

March issue of Elle Magazine

Found on B. Jones Style

Found on B. Jones Style

One of our daily stops is B. Jones Style, and last week she had a fantastic, or should I say, PRINTASTIC post. We are so thrilled to see fashionable people we admire have a soft spot for amazing printed clothing. We just had to repost some of her amazing finds. Check out some of her choices she showcased on her blog, mixed in with a few of our own lovely printed items found on and in March's issue of Elle Magazine. According to these places, it's the era of prints. Style even went as far as calling the trends for this Spring a "Print Revolution." Textile designers...rejoice!