Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Okyolove How To: Mix and Match Prints

Based on all the amazing prints we posted yesterday, we thought it would be great to do an Okyolove original "How To" segment on how to mix and match bold prints. Here are some quick and easy lessons to go by when putting together your printed ensemble:

Color Palette -
Choose prints that have color palettes that compliment each other. Make sure the colors aren't too similar, as this will blend your items together. The key word here is "compliment."

found on Daily Love Dose

Another way to work two prints together is choose one with a neutral color palette. 

found on The Glitter Guide

Size -
When pairing prints, choose ones that are different scales. This way, your outfit will be broken up and not look so busy.

Beth Jones from B. Jones Style

Pulling it all Together -
When finishing off the look, layering is a great tool to bring everything together. Adding a solid jacket, hat, or bracelets will polish off your outfit.

found on Lawn Party

Have Fun with It -
This is the most important rule to go by. The best part of wearing multiple prints together is the ability to show off your unique style, so might as well experiment and have fun with it!!

found on Pinterest

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  1. Thank you so much for this! What a great guide! Please keep 'em coming!!