Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We Love Calla Haynes

I should have named this post "We love, are inspired by, and can't get enough of Calla Haynes", because that's how we truly feel about this innovative designer. With her chic, simple, silhouettes, her amazing prints can shine, and do they ever. Here artful mix of geometric and organic prints in soothing color palettes have got us awe-struck. Haynes doesn't stop there, however. To create her collection, she used Icelandic fish leathers, handwoven Uzbek ikats, as well as her printed silks seen above, rounding out her line with the perfect trifecta of print design: color, print, and texture. When interviewed in Elle, Hayne's refers to her design philosophy as "relaxed luxury." We would have to say she has succeeded in that, and much more.


  1. Thanks! We are thrilled to now know about her!

  2. One beautiful post, how refreshing!
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