Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Color, Color Everywhere!

Perfectly knitted blankets found on This is Love Forever

Colorful candles found on The City Sage

Deliciously-colored bowls from Anthropologie

Adorable yarn ornaments found on Goodness Gracious

These color stories are so warm and inviting, you are going to forget all about the traditional red and green when decorating for the holiday season. The yarns are even ornaments! We love color and think that there should be an abundance of it during December. So go forth, and decorate with color!

Monday, November 29, 2010

We Love Lauren Carney

To find more from this tasty spread, check out Lauren's blog

Hello and welcome back from your (hopefully) lovely holiday vacation. We are proud to share with you the dreamy and wonderful illustrations of Lauren Carney. Shown above is a delightful sampling of what she created for Charlie Magazine. We adore her entrancing art style and want you to know that we have chosen her original artwork as our must have items this week! Check out her shop on Etsy. Enjoy!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Let's Get Crafty!

Fun with Felt! We found these silly little kits on DonnaWilson.com. What better way to procrastinate buying holiday gifts than creating your own little monster friend? Once you have created him, don't panic about shopping. Coming your way next week are our fabulous shopping lists that are sure to help with finding those picky people the perfect present!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Lovely fabric pumpkins found on Indie Fixx and made by Thompson Family Life

Adorable fox card set found on Etsy and made by Small Talk Studio

Happy Thanksgiving! We are truly thankful for our readers, we love sharing our design inspirations and fun findings with you all. A big cheers to you, our cyber family, thank you so much for visiting! Now go on and have a wonderful holiday and don't forget to wear your roomy pants!

P.S. For tips on having a stress free day, check out this article found on Real Simple.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reused, Recycled, and Re-diculously Fabulous

Found on Treehugger.com and created by REcreate, these ingenious recreations leave us in awe. We are so thankful for people who think outside the box and help to preserve our planet. REcreate, the South African based company definitely embodies those traits, and they do it with style. You can drool over (and purchase!) these products here.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Definition of Luxury: Brown and Charcoal

Clothing made by Milk from A Thistle, Interior Decor found on Decor Pad, Typewriter found on

This time we did it the other way around. Instead of finding the images first, we found these wonderful printed frocks. We stumbled on Milk from a Thistle, the company who made these stunning pieces by scanning through one of our favorite blogs, Eat Drink Chic. Inspired by the combination of brown and charcoal, we then found these wonderful photo images. We even managed to include a fabulous stripe only found in nature! Once we brought it all together, a warm and luxurious collage of prints and images was created. Enjoy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Not Your Average Sweater

All images found on the amazing Liamolly website

You will not see any holiday themed sweaters around here! These sweaters do not light up or play "Jingle Bells", they are stylish and cozy, making them perfect for the holiday season. Made by Liamolly, these knits stand the test of time, both with quality and style. We are proud to have the Elfa jacket be our Must Have Item this week. It's mix of print, texture, and color is sure to make you the belle of your next holiday party.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Humor for the Weekend

Our moms always said never take fashion too seriously. Ok, they never said that, but it's a rule we like to follow. Clothing is meant to have fun with, or in Michi's case it's also meant to make fun of. We love how she uses her brilliantly blunt humor in her new book, What on Earth Are You Wearing? It is a much anticipated follow-up to her hilarious, but informational, Like I Give a Frock. After you burn through them and feel like you are now addicted and need a "Michi" fix, go to her site at michigirl.com/. We know we can't get enough!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Playing House

1. Animal House by Catherine Ledner 2. Santa Fe apron 3. Tea set 4. Imagine Foaming Bubble Bath
5. Stubbs & Wootton slipper 6. Animal flash cards 7. Little Doe brooch 8. Fauna 'Pico' animal pillows

A selection of pages from Catherine Ledner's book. You can find it here.

I wonder if the house that these photos were taken in had one of those clear plastic covers over their sofa like the one at your Grandma's house. If I had a yak in my living room, I wouldn't think twice about it! All kidding aside, can you believe how amazing this book is?! A perfect combination of vintage printed wallpapers and cuddly (and not so cuddly) critters. This very entertaining book is definitely on our coffee table. Nothing like a conversation starter like, did you see how nicely the orangutan complimented that burnt orange wall paper? This book is so lovely that we couldn't help but put together a collage of items inspired by the prints and creatures within it's pages.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Take me to the Southwest

Photos (left to right) from Chictopia and Desigual
Wrap sweater found at Teenagster, Osborn shoes found at Modcloth, cropped sweater found at Polyvore,
Tribal top is from Anthropologie, Bangle and necklace are from Lucky Brand

As you can see, we clearly love the bold intarsia prints, the mix of muted and punchy colors, and the chunky tribal jewelry inspired by the beautiful Southwest. This spread all started by us finding the sweet and sultry photo on the left found on the "people's fashion destination" site, Chictopia. The photo was posted there by StyleSofia.com, a place to find great trendy fashions as well as yummy vintage treasures. The next photo is part of Desigual's new line and rumor is they are opening a store in San Francisco's Union Square! How exciting! So thanks Style Sofia and Desigual, for kicking off this tribute to the all-mighty Southwest.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Floral Footwear

Prada's new floral satin flats found at Neiman Marcus

We are so excited about these bright and sassy flats! Found in the latest issue of Elle magazine, Prada's new line of floral flats are just what we need for foggy days in San Francisco. These little diddies are sure to add sunshine to our steps. According to the magazine, these can be found at Neiman Marcus, but we can't find them on the site! This must mean that they so fresh, they haven't made their way to the website's virtual shelves. Fortunately, we will get a chance to poke around the store, hoping to get a glimpse of these darling floral flats this weekend, when one of our designers attends a charity event held at the store. We will let you know if these flats are as charming in person as they are in the pages of Elle!

Monday, November 15, 2010

One Fabulous Skirt

All clothing items found here

Before we bust out our wrapping paper, we need to stuff our faces for Thanksgiving. Inspired by the colors of fall, these items make the perfect outfit to wear underneath our white cotton napkins. What started it all was this perfectly printed skirt by Jonathan Saunders. The length is divine and the way the fabric and the print work together is so dreamy. It is definitely a must-have item!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Gift in Itself

Collection One Gift Wrap

Dove and Hand Gift Wrap by the great Alexander Girard

World Map Wrap. Gift giving and a geography lesson!

Yes it's that time of year again. Many, many hours of intense gift shopping must be done. It seems that the holidays creep up on us faster and faster each year leaving us frantic to find the perfect gift. We have a solution. If you're not so keen on your gift choice, these fine paper prints found at Lagom will be sure to distract them as they ooh and ahh at your spectacular wrapping. Don't worry about what's inside, these fun printed papers will make your friends and family hesitate to open it, fearing they will ruin the paper. If you're lucky, your beautifully wrapped, sub par gift may just find it's way on to the dinner table as fabulous decor.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Things We Love: New Book by Kate Spade

This brilliant little book has got us giddy. In true Kate Spade fashion, this new endeavour is bright, cheery, and awe inspiring. While flipping through the pages, you get a first class seat into the world of Kate Spade. Posted above are some of our favorite spreads. We are loving the color red right now and these two pages speak volumes of how this color makes a statement. For more inside looks into this fabulous book, check out feltandwire.com. Here, you can find an interview with the woman behind the name about what went in to making this must-have book.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Perfect Marriage - Fuchsia and Teal

Photos found on Etsy's blog
Prints from Alakazzoo library

While doing our daily web browsing, we stumbled upon these amazing and bright photos on The StorqueEtsy's very own blog. The wonderful color combinations got us thinking. Fuchsia and teal really are perfect for each other, aren't they? With prints always on the mind, we found these delightful samplings from Alakazzoo trend books that compliment these images oh so wonderfully! Look forward to many more print and photo parings. Cheers to you, fuchsia and teal, for starting off these posts with a bang. We hope you two live happily ever after.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We Love Elaine Fong

For these design delights and many more,
check out elainfong.com

We are proud to share that our good friend and fabulous designer, Elaine Fong has been featured on the Quite Strong website. This fantastic site focuses on "creatives of the female variety", highlighting inspiring women of the design world. They couldn't have found a better person to showcase. We love Elaine's unique and lively art style and how she translates her personality into her work. Check out her showcase at http://quitestrong.com/elaine-fong/.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

For the Birds

1. Bird by Andrew Zuckerman 2. The Paper Crane Project 3. Miu Miu clog
4. Marc Jacobs purse 5. Asos ring 6. Dekanimal

We love coffee table books! One of our favorites is Bird by Andrew Zuckerman. This hefty book displays photographs of birds in vibrant color and unbelievable texture. In case this picture book makes you bird-brained, here are some lovely bird-inspired items that will "tickle" your fancy.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stylish in the Rain

1. Boots from Chooka 2. Boots from Kamik

Who says you have to sacrifice style for practicality? We sure don't! We tracked down wonderfully slender, perfectly printed rain boots that are sure to elevate your look rather than dumb it down. So as the rainy season approaches, our feet will be donned in these stylish accessories, perfect for parading down the street and stomping in puddles.

Monday, November 8, 2010

We Love Coloring for a Cause

You can find this book here
Fanatic Fans at a Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert

Fun game to play with the Shins

Buy this book! Created by the non-profit company Yellow Bird Project, this ingenious brain child features all your fave indie bands including, Rilo Kiley, the Shins, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and about 20 more groups. Hand-illustrated by Andy J. Miller, this playful book is sure to make you smile. Knowing that all the royalties made goes to charity doesn't hurt either.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spaces Made For Creating

Found at: (from top to bottom) Apartment Therapy, Facebook Headquarters 
from Apartment Therapy,

In a perfect world, we would have a loft style studio with industrial styling, exposed brick, and bright pops of color. Everyday we are working to get closer to having our own dream space for designing. Our must-haves are lots of windows, a heavily stocked snack bar, comfy couches, and a red telephone booth perfect for making conference calls and changing into super hero costumes. Until then, here are some fantastic studio spaces to check out.