Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Floral Footwear

Prada's new floral satin flats found at Neiman Marcus

We are so excited about these bright and sassy flats! Found in the latest issue of Elle magazine, Prada's new line of floral flats are just what we need for foggy days in San Francisco. These little diddies are sure to add sunshine to our steps. According to the magazine, these can be found at Neiman Marcus, but we can't find them on the site! This must mean that they so fresh, they haven't made their way to the website's virtual shelves. Fortunately, we will get a chance to poke around the store, hoping to get a glimpse of these darling floral flats this weekend, when one of our designers attends a charity event held at the store. We will let you know if these flats are as charming in person as they are in the pages of Elle!


  1. These shoes are adorable! I like the ones with the black bow the best.