Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton dress by Sarah Burton

Great photos of the wedding gown by Sarah Burton can be found at:! Check them out!

It's a Royal Wedding! Kate + Will

In celebration of Kate and Wills wedding, I've put together a smashing collection of royalty inspired designs. Its KK Outlets incredibly witty plate collection. Combining old design styles with poppy new this line looks like a trend in the making. Haven't heard of this innovative design studio? Check out their manifesto:

"KK Outlet is a multifunctional office combining a communications agency with a gallery and bookshop.
This hybrid environment is designed to help deliver original creative solutions for the development of brands, products and content.
As the name hints, it is an outlet for different aspects of work from advertising to product development, and from design to publishing.
KK Outlet believes that creative communication ideas can come from all disciplines – where advertising is an important component but that strong ideas for brands can thread through many different mediums for maximum effectiveness, quality and a lasting impression.
Aside from communication, KK Outlet will showcase artists, designers & photographers in its gallery and sell products & books in its store.
KK Outlet is set up by the Amsterdam based communications agency KesselsKramer, an international group of nearly 40 people working for a broad local and worldwide client base as well as its own initiated projects."

Check them out at:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Design Inspiration: Vintage Art on The Runway

E.A Seguy

E.A Seguy

zina de plagny

zina de plagny

zina de plagny

One of my favorite coffee table books I have at home is a big book of abstract and floral prints from E.A. Seguy, featuring many more artists. I have always felt the vintage prints to be relevant, with their bold color combos and interesting compositions, but lately I have been seeing these same attributes walking down the runways. These art nouveau and art deco inspired whimsical prints have found their ways into the Spring 2011 lines of Prada, Rochas, and D&G, and I am loving it!

Ad Campaign for Prada

Rochas runway show

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Off the Runway: Etro

After spending some time on Etro's site to create yesterday's post, I decided showing only one look from their Spring/Summer 2011 was not enough. Not only did I find beautiful printed frocks, but I also enjoyed playing around on their site. Organized by the alphabet, Etro has a page dedicated to artwork they have done or have ties with, including lovely printed scarves, but they also have a page explaining the personality qualities that color can provide. Check it out at Also, if you like what you see from them for Spring, read more after the jump to see what's coming up on the runway for Fall!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Off the Runway: Silk Scarf Prints





Roberto Cavali

Nothing says luxury like a printed silk scarf. It is the perfect accessory for when doing anything upscale and sought after. Well, good news. Luxury has moved to the main event. No longer an accessory, we can now drape ourselves in the classy look that was once contained to adorn only above our necks. Now with this glamourous look brought to the forefront, there will be no question that you spend all your holidays in the French Riviera...or at least you will look like you do.

Monday, April 25, 2011

For the Home: The Mediterranean inspired Collection for West Elm!!





 Lourdes Sanchez  is one talented gal and we are so excited to blog about her!
This cuban born artist and textile designer has been working in the industry for over 20 years, she is inspired by vintage prints and ancient tribal patterns. Her latest collection for West Elm influenced by sea animals and bold graphic frames can be a playful and refreshing addition to your home this Summer!!