Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ma Okyo website is officially up!

The moment you have all been waiting for, our website, maokyo.com is up and running. With our fabulous new site, you can now view Ma Okyo original prints, as well as discover the other companies and projects we are involved in. Speaking of which, our site mentions Jybe Studio as our sister company, a reputable print and graphic design studio that works in freelance as well as creates one of our favorite things out there, the one and only Alakazzo trend book. You can find their newly minted blog here. If interested in finding out/seeing more, (which you know you are), go forth and visit our site. You will see more from where this came from, including additional images from our beautiful and dreamy, but quite chilly, photoshoot in Montana, and also find out what new adventures you can expect from us... your slightly quirky, always inspired, voices behind Okyo Love, yours truly, the designers of Ma Okyo.

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