Monday, April 11, 2011

Circus Trend

Harlequin Dress by Bobo Choses

Jane Dress by Bandit Bambi
Hector Scarf by Bandit Bambi
G182 Japanese Dress by Imps and Elfs

Bongo Rattle by Luckyboysunday

Cicus Bday Card by Rifle Paper Co

Girl with balloon animal by Sweetbeets

Red Circus Doll by Jess Brown
ABC for Circus by Patrick Hruby

Animal Parade Card by Rifle Paper Co

Its the second week of the month and we are once more focusing on Children print and textile inspiration! Today we decided to tackle one of the most infamous kids themes: The Circus. Its a perennially great story, its bright and cheery colors would make any line of clothing or fabric stand out at a store. Unfortunately its also very easy for this theme to look dated if not handled properly. Above is a collection of great art, garments and prints that beautifully represent our favorite circus memories while keeping it fresh and modern. I also love the trend in color story. Greys and muted colors allow for reds and blacks to pop. Also note the lovely mustard yellow balancing out the whimsical nature of the theme. Circus Circus done right!

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