Monday, April 4, 2011

Luxurious Kuna!

We admire Kuna!!!!
For those who dont know what Kuna is, its an amazing up-scale brand that manufactures small amounts of unique products made of alpaca and camelids. This brand focuses on producing high-end products by using the magical art of peruvian textiles. Kuna offers a wide assortment from clothing to home decor. The exciting textures and colors used are natural and all hand made!! This company stresses the importance of preserving each specie they work with (vicunas, guanacos,alpacas, llamas) as well as maintaining and practicing the knowledge of there ancestrals methods and values. Another cool note about Kuna? They form part of WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Acreedited Production) demonstrating there legal and ethic responisibility to the world!

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