Friday, April 8, 2011

David and Goliath Copies Threadless Artists

You can find it and buy it to support the artist here:


Every artists biggest fear is to have their original design stolen or copied by some mega giant with an artist staff that needs to turn around so many pieces a day they dont even process the idea of originality.  Enter: You Thought We Wouldn't Notice, a fantastic blog where you can make a stand for stolen original content and art. Members can then vote on if there was a blatant copy right infringement or not.  As well as shining a spot light on this great blog, I thought I'd take a stab at one of the biggest offenders. Todd Goldman of the famed: David and Goliath Tee's seems to have run out of original ideas and has been copying and even tracing art work for their own purpose.

The last two examples are from Jess Finks battle with David and Goliath.  Read her own account on the case:

"Back in 2005 I had a two designs printed by Threadless which caught Goldman's eye. He called me and said he liked my Threadless designs, that he had bought my Lil Soap shirt and asked if I would like to make designs for his t-shirt company. I said I would think about it, we never spoke again and a few months later someone alerted me to several very close rip-offs of my designs.

At the time Threadless sent Goldman several Cease and Desist notices, threatened a lawsuit and the items were taken down.
Now it appears Goldman thinks enough time has passed that he can rip off the designs again, this is a picture that was sent to me by a friend of a David and Goliath shirt being sold at Universal Studios, with a profile for the design here:

Get the word out, no one should ever buy from Todd Goldman or David and Goliath tees again. Not just because of my design, but because Goldman's long legacy of art theft is simply obscene."

 Another example of David and Goliaths blatant copies can be seen here:

To the left is Todd Goldmans copy of Dave Kelly's Piece (To the Right).
Its a blatant Copy! 

To read more on this check out the article in Neatorama.

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