Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Gift in Itself

Collection One Gift Wrap

Dove and Hand Gift Wrap by the great Alexander Girard

World Map Wrap. Gift giving and a geography lesson!

Yes it's that time of year again. Many, many hours of intense gift shopping must be done. It seems that the holidays creep up on us faster and faster each year leaving us frantic to find the perfect gift. We have a solution. If you're not so keen on your gift choice, these fine paper prints found at Lagom will be sure to distract them as they ooh and ahh at your spectacular wrapping. Don't worry about what's inside, these fun printed papers will make your friends and family hesitate to open it, fearing they will ruin the paper. If you're lucky, your beautifully wrapped, sub par gift may just find it's way on to the dinner table as fabulous decor.


  1. Love these prints! How do you see them being used? Textiles, surface...etc.

  2. Andre! Thanks, they were a great find. They are actually wrapping papers found on this great site:

  3. very very cool! I'll bookmark that site now! Also, help me out with the pronunciation of your company! :P I don't want to sound like a dolt when telling my friends about it! Perhaps, post a phonetic description on the About section for silly billys like me :)

  4. Sure thing! It's Ma Oak-ee-yo. That is a good suggestion for the about section. Thanks!! P.S. You're no silly billy!