Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Interviews With People We Love: Lourdes Sanchez of Luli Sanchez

We couldn't be more thrilled to share our interview with artist and textile desiger, Lourdes Sanchez. We first featured her work back in April when her collection at West Elm dropped. We were inspired by her then, and after this interview, we are in even more awe of her and her studio, Luli Sanchez. She was so gracious when we featured her the first time, and this time it's our turn to gush. After reading her answers, we fell more in love with her and her unique style. She definitely paves her own way and designs because it's her passion. Pretty convenient that she's incredibly talented too, no? Enjoy! 

All images created by Luli Sanchez and are copyrighted 
Do you have a favorite artist/designer/photographer? 

No I don't. There are way too many fab creators to choose one. Some that come to mind at the moment are Pygmy women painters of the Ituri Forest, Agnes Martin, Warlimpiringa Tjapaltjarri, and have recently been loving the embroidered photographs of Maurizio Anzeri. Nature usually kicks my ass as the best artist.

Has there been a certain accomplishment/success that you are most proud of? 

Supporting myself full time as an artist despite the fact I am very dyslexic, reclusive, have a massive overbite, don't have a college degree and won't work with people if they are obnoxious. 

What's your favorite place to go to get inspired? 

There's no one place-  inspiration is everywhere- I mean, just having a human body is inspiring. I do love flea markets and vintage shops ,old  nature and art books from used book stores, fab Brooklyn clothing boutiques , looking at paintings by great masters close up at the Met, and wonderfully chic people on the streets of great big cities.

What would you be doing if it wasn't for Luli Sanchez? 

I'd be doing more watercolor painting and traveling. Which I will do eventually.  

Where can people learn more about Luli Sanchez?
My website is LuliSanchez.com

Inside Lourde's studio

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