Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Interviews with People We Love: Jill Bliss

Photos from Jill

After visiting the awesome Renegade Craft Fair in December, we did a post about one of the designers there, Jill Bliss. We decided we wanted to get to know her a little better and find out how her brand came to be. Here is the wonderfully obliging Jill Bliss’s answers to our questions, starting off our new “Interviews with People We Love” segment off right:

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with your work.
i've always drawn and made things. drawing is how i come to understand how things are built, or work together; and making and organizing things is like breathing for me!

Do you have a favorite artist/designer/photographer?
that changes all the time! my blog is a good indicator of what i'm into at the moment!

Has there been a certain accomplishment/success that you are most proud of?
i know a lot of designers don't want to be bothered at a certain point and hire someone else to do this for them - but i love doing sales events! talking with the customers who buy and use the things i make, and getting their in-person feedback is essential to me! 

What's your favorite place to go to get inspired?
anywhere that gets me out of my daily routine!

What would you be doing if it wasn't for your Jill Bliss Brand?
there are so many alternate careers i obsess over! some include: a park ranger, a naturalist scientist, a writer, a furniture-maker, an architect, a psychologist, a librarian... 

Where can people learn more about Jill Bliss?

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